Simple IR needs...



A friend of mine would like to control is amp and cable box from his touch screen in the kitchen. He's not ready for a good (but expensive) touchscreen interface like Mainlobby or CQC. He don't have any HA software.

What he need is a simple program with a few buttons to turn on/off, changing channel, etc, with something for IR (maybe a USBIRT?) to control 2 devices.

He is using iTune for playing MP3. I'm triyng to convince him to use JRMC but he realy like itune...

He want something simple and affordable, but I'm sure that in the end, he will want more ;-)

what would be the best software/hardwire combo for his need?

He should probably look at RTI, Niles or Elan for simple, in wall, IR touchscreen options. Just my $.02...
I don't know how expensive is too expensive, but based on what you describe (and it looks like he already has the touchscreen?), i think Promixis' net remote (and the USBIRT) will do what he wants on the cheap and if it's only one zone, he can stick with itunes.

Thank you for the response!

The combo NetRemote and USBIRT is effectively what I was thinking of the best for him.

I have and old NetRemote license. I'm using MainLobby now. I could support him if he go with NetRemote.