Simple TV Listings


(by Snapstream).... the makers of BeyondTV....

I really wish i had bought SageTV back in the day.

This company is focusing on everything but making money and keeping customers.

Their frontend... scrapped. Their TV software, all but... now this joke?

all I can say is :lol:

From the help page:

Can I use Couchville with SnapStream's Beyond TV?
No, at the moment, Couchville and SnapStream's Beyond TV are entirely separate products and are not designed to work with one another. Eventually, we hope to extend Couchville to work with all brands of DVRs and TV devices.

I bet this never gets past point A. Their Track record for following through on products is laughable, to the point of crying (if you bought BeyondMedia).

Want to Trade... BTV 3.5 for Sage 1.0beta
It's a beta so they are probably going to wait until it matures before integrating. Besides they already provide an online guide -- I don't see what is so great about this one.

Not sure why you are so disappointed with snapstream. I've been using it for a little over two years with great success.