That looks interesting. Real question is: How is the software and is this much different than a PC with a powerlinc? If you can just use XML and it is reliable, that is a neat product.
Can multiple applications on different PCs share the PLC through Ethernet connections? Can they be using it at the same time?
It looks like it's just an Ethernet-to-serial adaptor...

EZBridge is a device that allows communications with the Insteon Serial PLC via an ethernet connection
Mmmm... I really like that. When it can be addressed by the various software elements (HouseLinc, MLServer, PowerHome, HomeSeer) directly as if it were the SDM, I'm ALL over it. It would greatly increase the flexibility of how and where the software can/must be implemented.
I believe it also needs the Insteon PLM Powerline Modem [not the 2414S or 2414U PLC] to operate. So add roughly another $55 to the cost.

My Simplehomenet EZIO8SA uses the PLM. Is a 2414S with PLM firmware in it and the first one I had [two others from what I have seen in their forums]. Failed when a factory reset was done. The LED went out and the thing smelled and overheated.
To thier credit. It was replaced with prepaid shipping both ways and Smartlabs had a revised firmware in the new one.

I believe some users manuals and examples for the EZBridge are now avilable to download from their web site.