single gange wall motion detector x10?


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one of the best motion detector's I have is a $20 (i don't remember the brand) light switch replacement that I bought for the laundry room a few years back. I goes in place of a switch and I believe uses a decora style faceplate. It turns on the light when it sees motion, and turns it off based on a setting dial corresponding to the delay in minutes.

I have not been able to find ANY x10 motion detectors this size. Has anyone seen or hacked a wireless x10 motion device into a wall panel. Battery powered or not, I don't care, I would rather have a few of these for occupancy detection over any ugly external device I have seen to date. With the sensor upside down, they would even work well with pets. Any ideas?
Why do you not just use the one's you referenced? You could hack them so when a close contact will issue an X10 command to a powerflash interface or any other contact closure moitoring device.