Siren Module SH10A


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Just received a Compact Powerhorn Siren and am running into a BIG problem.

When I read the desciption, it mentioned "They work with any X10 security system, responding to signals from an alerted main security console." But I thought that they may also respond to a simple ON/OFF trigger, being that you can set the House/Unit code lie regular modules. Is this not the case? Does it ONLY work with the x10 security consoles?

Tell me it ain't so :)

My futile attempts have been sending a C3 ON signal using a CM17A to TM751 transceiver... I would even attempt a mod for this if someone knows of one to get it to respond to ON/OFF triggers.


Edit: On the package it states that it is "for use with PROTECTOR PLUS (SS5400, DS7000) and MONITOR PLUS (DC8700) Security Systems".
Send it about 10 C3 On commands in rapid succession (or hold a button down on a controller). Doing the same with off with shut it down.

Be warned, though. It's REALLY REALLY loud.
Holding down the button on a Palm Pad works!!!

Dang that thing is high-pitched!

Thanks jrfuda!


Edit: Got it working with sending 4 commands in succession!! Now to go and buy a strobe light :)
Cheers mate... It didn't come with a manual, and I didn't think about looking for one... or maybe I was just subconsciously lazy.
I have this unit too, and it really is loud, took me a few minutes to figure out how to activate it. The only worry I have is that X10 noise might trigger this thing, but I will still be installing it.
I was thinking about that too...

Maybe give it its own House code to minimize any chance of stray signals?

I am also going to add a simple one button solution for turning it off (though not on my keypads) until I can assure that it wont mess with the WAF ((which by the way is through the roof on this project :) ))
Let hope you do not have so much X10 noise as to reproduce 10 consecutive signals. :)
Suggestion for triggering it:

Create your alarm event to speak a warning and turn a virtual device on. The warning can be "Warning, you have triggered the security system. The alarm will sound in 60 seconds."

This gives you 60 seconds to disarm.

After 60 seconds, you have another event, that is triggered by the virtual device, mentioned above, being on for at least 1 minute (or exactly one minute). This event speaks another warning, and sends all the "On" commands to make the siren go off. It can also send email, call you, etc. You can then have another event that looks at the siren and sends a bunch of off commands after it has been on for, say, 2 minutes. That way your siren won't be sounding for hours on end.

Don't forget that your disarm routine will need to reset your virtual device and send a poop-load of off command to the siren (whether or not it's sounding).

If you search the HS forum, there is also a script that is supposed to be able to control the siren (gives various alerts and chirps) but I could not get it to work. I think there are 2 or 3 versions of the siren out there... I think the one I have is the big one (a PH508) which is even loader than yours, but only has two settings, off and "Oh #$%&!"
I did something like you mentioned... but using Girder :)

I use verbal indicators anytime I set up something new, just to know that its working properly... in this case: Leaving the house, 30 seconds to leave, at 10 seconds before arm a verbal response lets us know. Entering the house, you have a verbal 15 seconds to disarm the security macro. If Alarm is Triggered, verbal notice that the police have been notified (along with neighbors, and owner). Siren goes off, stanaphone (voip software) calls my (and others) cellphones and then sends me an email to my hotmail account. El-cheapo X10 Cam kicks on and starts taking pics.

The reason I went with the smaller siren: its about 1/2 the price of the larger unit, meaning that I could get 2 small sirens to put around the house for the same price (if a burglar enters through the upstairs, the siren downstairs wont be painful enough :) ) I only have one as of now, so I could see if it would work, and to see HOW loud that sucker is... you definitley don't want to be hanging out in the same room when it goes off.

One thing I will probably add to this mix is a strobe light (since I may be getting one for Halloween anyways). I figure, I might as well mess with as many senses as I can. Not sure how this will effect the cheap camera, but pic quality is poor anyways. Was even thinking about using the strobe to face out the upstairs windows facing the street, so if I ever had to call the police to do a drive-by they could easily find my townhouse.

For the keypads, Im using the basic Palm Pad by the front and back doors. The way I have it set-up is that you have to hit the buttons in sequence, if you hit any other button (out of sequence) the code resets, so you have to start from the beginning. If I want to really lock it down, all I have to do is move the switch (1-8 or 9-16) over.