Sirens, Drivers, and my OPII


Thanks to all you cocooners, my OPII project has come along quite nicely. I have a solid security system (with no more false alarms!) and the basis for a good automation system as well. I'm starting to make some improvements to the system with regards to sirens/sounders,but I'm running into some problems.
I bought a Cooper Wheelock MIN-T siren/strobe unit for the exterior. I have three uses for this:
1. A typical exterior siren
2. A strobe to help the fire dept find my house if we ever have a fire
3. A siren that I can "chirp" when my exterior beam sensor is broken
The MIN-T is nice in that it has two triggers each with two inputs for the siren and two inputs for the strobe. All inputs require a 12-24VDC constant voltage so I don't have to worry about providing any sort of temporal input.
So far, I have only accomplished #1 on my list and I'm struggling to get #2 and #3 working. For #2, I need a driver since the current draw on the strobe is about 250mA. I can't drive this with one of the outputs on the OPII since those are limited to 100mA. It seems like I need some sort of "driver" that I can enable with an OPII output that will provide 12VDC and be able to provide the necessary current. I looked at the ELK-100, but this seems to be generating the sound to be presented to a speaker. I just need a voltage/current source. Anyone know of a device that will achieve this?
For #3, I want to chirp the siren to scare off any potential intruders and any small animals that may interrupt the beam. The animals are why I can't set the beam sensors as a perimeter zone because the false alarms occur about every three days. I figured a two to three second chirp would get someone's attention and make them think twice about dropping into my window well. I have one of the OPII outputs connected to one of the siren inputs on the MIN-T. The siren draws only 85mA, so driving this directly with an output should work. I have the OPII programmed so that when the beam sensor becomes not ready, it will active the output for 3 seconds. I tried setting the output to a general output  and to a sounder output, but neither of these work. I haven't had a chance yet to measure the voltage on the outputs when the beam sensor is triggered. Once I get someone to help me, I can do that. Does it make sense to do it the way I have it set up?
Any input is much appreciated!
Use relays driven by the OPII to drive the siren/strobe as you see fit.
Add an aux power supply for the unit and you're done.