Site Upgrade


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The site might be down in the next few hours in order to upgrade the forum software.
Well, it looks different . . .

Congratulations, Electron. :huh:

This is the default Invision Board template to get the new version going. More customized features will be forthcoming!

testing spoiler

[acronym="test"]test acronym[/acronym]
. . . More customized features will be forthcoming!
And congratulations BSR as well.

I guess I know what you guys will be doing for the next few days. :huh:

This is a test. This is only a test. If this had been an actual post, the drivel you read would be followed by more just like it.
You have to double click to view this text

This texted is centered​

[topic="63820"]test link topic[/topic]

[acronym="For Crying Out Loud!"]FCOL[/acronym]
Just when I got used to the "orange" look.... :huh:
Anyway, I thin it's a good change.
One bug I found is when clicking the link in the upper left corner (the one that links to always send me to an error page with the following:

[codebox]mySQL query error: SELECT moderator.mid as is_mod, moderator.allow_warn,,, m.mgroup, m.password,, m.restrict_post, m.view_sigs, m.view_avs, m.view_pop, m.view_img, m.auto_track,
m.mod_posts, m.language,, m.new_msg, m.show_popup, m.msg_total, m.time_offset, m.posts, m.joined, m.last_post,
m.last_visit, m.last_activity, m.dst_in_use, m.view_prefs, m.org_perm_id, m.temp_ban, m.sub_end, g.*
FROM ibf_members m
LEFT JOIN ibf_groups g ON (g.g_id=m.mgroup)
LEFT JOIN ibf_moderators moderator ON ( OR moderator.group_id=m.mgroup )

mySQL error: Unknown column 'm.password' in 'field list'
mySQL error code:
Date: Sunday 29th of April 2007 04:58:14 PM[/codebox]
hey e, looks like you opted to add more work toy our current workload! ;-)

Seriously, glad you have made the upgrade, looking forward to what your new design might be!
Wow, it looks all perty and whatnot :) Though the other thing obviously provided a unique look and feel, I think that this is a nice look and probably more in line with what people are used to in other fora.