Slingbox as surveillance camera server?


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With the Slingbox now as low as $150 (with coupon code DISH2006 according to Gizmodo) I am considering using it for remote access to my surveillance cameras. My thought would be to modulate all the cameras and feed the output into the Slingbox so that I could remotely change "channels" to view each of the individual cameras.

I would lose some of the cool capabilities of a PC solution like Active WebCam, but I also would not need a PC running nor would I need to invest in a multi-channel video capture card to feed it.

Has anyone gone down this road before or have any suggestions I might want to consider?

Hi Alan;

I was thinking this exact same thing just last week! I think this would be good for interfacing multiple cameras with a cheap video switch source or something that can change video inputs via IR, then just have controls to change the channels to the camera you want to see as you suggested.

Couldn't you just split the video to say this video switch source (VCR or ??) and your Active Webcam graphics card (in a PC) and have both capabilities?

Keep us updated on what you are going to do! I also didn't know the Slingboxes came down that far in their pricing! :(


The newer boxes also support limited input selection without modulators: composite, rf, and svid. You can run different sources to these three and select between them via the s/w.