SlingBox AV for $160 From


Moderator is offering the SlingBox AV for $160 including shipping.

The Slingbox AV is the perfect companion for your DVR, digital cable, or satellite receiver. With the ability to watch and control your favorite TV source, the Slingbox AV ensures that you can enjoy your TV entertainment anywhere you go. Using an Internet connected computer or compatible mobile phone*, you can watch and control your home TV, DVR, digital cable box, or satellite receiver anywhere around your home or around the globe. With a Slingbox AV you will never be separated from your favorite TV shows, sports broadcasts, breaking news stories, digital video recordings, or video on demand.

You can also save another ten dollars by using Google Checkout (has anyone actually used this?).
i used google checkout w/ when they offered $10 off a $20 purchase. it worked well.
Is anyone using one of these? Right now I have a 2.4Ghz LeapFrog sending my satellite signal to a couple of TV's around the house. I've always though that IP was the transport of choice, however with the Slingbox AV I don't know of any affordable "receivers" to use in locations where there is no PC.

Is there such an animal?
I have a slingbox, and I use it with my Motorola Q phone when I'm stuck in airports. There is nothing like being able to watch TV to make time go faster in airport hell.

At home, I have Intermec Touch Screen PC's that I bought for a little over $100 and they work fine with the viewer. I suppose you could also add a video card to an existing PC and set it up with an AV extender where ever you wanted to have the video.