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Would like to know if you could help us.

We are using ELK for security and Homeseer for lighting. We need a consultant or expert to help us combine both in one app and have control of HVAC and sound systems and light switches.

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Welcome to the Cocoontech forum @ LV123.
You can utilize the Elk panel for security, automation lightning and HVAC control and Homeseer to manage the Elk panel.
There are many Cocoontech users here utilizing the Elk M1 combo security automation panel for many years on this forum and are very familiar with the panel.
Not so much Elk consultants here rather more "obi wan" users of said panel.
Many Elk M1 combo panel users went to using Homeseer Software and the Elk plugin to manage their panels that can help you.
Not sure what Elk M1 users here on the forum utilize for management of their panels or know of centralized audio connectivity to the ELK M1 panel.
Looking at this website see many third party integration partners including Homeseer. 
Personally have been a Homeseer users since first version of Homeseer that came out in the late 1990's.  My HVAC (Thermostat) is a serial connection to my OmniPro 2 panel.  My centralized Russound audio is also a serial connection to my OmniPro 2 panel.
Elk M1 Integration Partners
Ask here for non biased answers to your questions. 
Start with what you have and what it is controlling and what specifically it is you want to do.