Smart Homes


Staff member posted a nice article about some houses that are being built and will be integrated with home automation technology. The house will automatically change lighting and music to match the owner's mood. Other features include bathroom floor which monitor a person's weight and an automatic plant watering system. Check out the article for more details.

I can see it now... You walk into the bathroom and the Automated voice comes across the loud speaker and says... "Sir you may want to fill the tub up a little less this time, you seam to have gained a little weight there"

Im sorry but if i knew how much i weighed everytime i walked into the bathroom i would probably go into depression. Now if they had a toilet that would automatically shake my thing when i was done urinating or automatically wipe my butt when i was done droping a load then i'd be impressed. Maybe they whould get some of those SONY robots working for them.
I wouldn't want to have it announced how much I weight, but I wouldn't mind seeing my vital stats in my bathroom mirror (another project I am working on hehe), like in the sci fi movies ;)
These toilets won't give ya' a shake, but they'll wash your toosh, heat themselves and a whole load of other goodies.

I'm getting me on of these. They're REALLY popular in Japan and having used one myself the last time I was over there, all I can say is, "They're awesome!"

Washlet Toilets