Smart Products aquires Black & Decker Freewire


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Smart Products announces the acquisition of the Black & Decker Freewire Wireless Home Control product. The X10 compatible product is a complete Wireless and Powerline carrier system. The product consists of various kits and accessories. Freewire is also compatible with the Homelink system, now available in over 28 million cars in the USA. ( There are over 18 different Freewire products available. You can view the complete product line at the following website:

For more information on distributor and dealer information, please contact Smart Products 201-594-0550, Email: [email protected]
I don't know. I didn't pay too much attention to the announcement. Are you thinking of carrying the line? I couldn't find a place to buy it online or prices. Is it truly X-10 compatible? What makes it better than X-10 stuff? Or is it just X-10 tolerant?
Well, I did a little research.

It is all purely X10 standard except for the RF devices are on a different frequency. These products were made for B&D last year by X10. B&D decided not to go to market with them and are now clearing them out.

I ordered 30 kits in here as a test.

On Monday, Smarthome will begin carrying them as well. I think the starter kit will have a Smarthome part number of "1164".
Interesting... Is this just a wall module kit or is it going to be appliances? I saw a few lamps and fans that turned on with a remote buti was not sure how they werebeing turned on.