Smart Thermostat that can handle load controlling


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I have 3 heat pumps each controlled by a basic Nest Tstat. The Nest allows very basic stuff but is missing some features my old Tstats had (such as vacation mode) and manual over-ride use (manual hold and resume) is clunky. I would like to update to something with advanced features and easier manual over-ride use and also allow the Tstats to interact with each other to limit peak energy usage by only allowing a single heat pump to operate at a time during peak schedule. I am not interested in learning, AI or occupied features. Is there a smart thermostat that natively supports load controlling in this way?
That's an interesting question. Personally, I would use something like Home Assistant to manage 3 'basic' Z-Wave/HomeKit enabled thermostats. This would also allow you to monitor many other variables, including you actual energy usage (a thermostat can't tell if something else is running which may put you over the max value).

But I'm not aware of any thermostat which has these features built in, unless you build it yourself.