Smart Windows


I don't know if this actually fits in here, but could smart windows be configured so that they could be used as an anti-burglar system? Like, could you configure it to be a closed-circuit alarm system?
Not sure if I understand your question, but you can install a magnetic reed switch on any window/door to monitor if it has been opened or not. It's what I am doing right now, monitoring it with own system, so no monthly monitoring fee needed. Is this what you are talking about?
Could you do that with those "smart windows" though? The windows that let you control the amount of light and stuff that gets into your house. Just curious, I don't even know what made me think about it.
Sure. If the window opens, the contact will be broken. Doesn't matter what type of glass they have.

By the way, those windows are REALLY cool. I've played with them at Disney World, and apparently they are starting to hit the market now!
hehehe. For awhile there I had no idea what you meant by "smart windows". Which is kinda why I never replied to your response. ;)

You could use a magnetic reed switch to monitor open/closed state of just about anything, not just windows and doors. could even have an alarm go off if you went into the fridge in the middle of the night (just in case your a sleep eater like me :lol: )