Smartenit ZBPLM – Model #5010N ZigBee/INSTEON/X10 Interface Device


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I have an OmniPro II in my new home with the X10 controller.  Only a couple of light switches (exterior lights) are currently controlled.  I want to expand to more exterior and interior lighting as well as locks.  I've been reading up on the various technologies and found this device that combines insteon, x10, and zigbee.  
Does anyone have any experience with this on an OmniPro ii?  
Can it be supported by the OmniPro if I replace the x10 controller with this?  
Or is this just for custom coders?
It looks like it has its own protocol, so the OPII will not be able to support it.
You can't replace your X-10 interface with this as they are two totally different protocols.
I would take a look at the UPB devices.  Very good support in the OPII, very reliable and available from several manufacturers.