Smarthome 12 Days Christmas Day 2 Video


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Has anyone seen todays video from Smarthome showing how to automate your christmas tree with an Insteon Lamplinc?

It has a large Christmas tree with a lot of lights on it. I bet if you put a Kill-a Watt meter on that tree it would exceed the 300 watt rating for the lamplinc. I know mine does (I am not using a lamplinc though).

I wish they had designed them for a beefier load maybe 500 watts. Imagine people putting a halogen lamp on one of these.
Hmm, I was expecting...more... I've been doing this with 2 X10 lamp modules for years. I have the tree come on at sunset and turn off at 10:00 pm. I also dim the tree as the night goes on so that it's not so harsh on sleepy eyes later at night.

The link is also on the lamplinc page on Smarthomes website (Thats where I got it) which has a 300 watt limit.
I have made several homemade modules using SL Dimmers and an outlet all put in a double gang Handy box. I used drill replacement cords to plug into the wall and wire to the SL and then a double outlet to feed whatever.

I get 600 watts easily that way. Probably more since it is in an all-metal enclosure to disapate heat.