Smarthome 25% off


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Can't believe noone posted this one, but here's the coupon code:


Amazingly enough, it worked in the pro side.
Sounds like the "We miss you" email I got with in my case a 15% code.
Guess I was not missed as much as the 25% users ;)
The 25% off worked for me so I guess it wasnt restricted to certian cusotmers.

I think most of us already took advantage of the free shipping once already. Although I could have cheated and used a different email address and a different shipping address.

I almost bought something a few weeks ago with the much advertised 15% off since I thought that was the best they would do. Now I will always wait for the 25%.

This is the second time Stinger has saved me money. Pretty soon he will be able to declare me as a dependant ;)

So how do we get on the "PRO" side? I work for an alarm mfg but I bet they want to use the corporate account and not my personel account.
That figures. I just ordered some stuff with a 20% discount code.
Oh Well....... ;)
This is a good deal. Can one of you camera savvy guys show me a camera available at SmartHome that wold have the same field of view as the WideEye X10 camera. I love the wide eye's field of view. The camera that I have bought all have to narrow of a field of view.
I figured you'd all find this useful. It's always a good idea to try the codes around any you receive to see if there is a better offer.

Now I just have to fight the urge not to spend any more money between now and 8/1, as it is very rare that Smarthome offers 25%.