Smarthome Manager Essential V2 - 2814u


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Will this software be made available as a free download to end users similar to previous versions of Smarthome Manager Essential and will it work with with the 2414 usb and/or serial controllers?

What are the differences between the 2814 and the 2414 in addition to the lack of a pass-through AC outlet?
Mine is still on back order. Was listed as ships week of 12/05/05. Web page now said 12/16/06 and the little 'Ships tab' said Waiting for manufacturers update.
My weekly BO Update has not change yet but I have not received one yet this week.
I have the older 2414U and a 2414S and will be testing them with the software if and when it ever ships. I have seen no indication it will be downloadable like the older Smarthome Manager. From what I have seen. The software is limited to only downloading timers for off line control. The full blown program was listed as 09/30/05, but was changed to Q1 of 2006. That can be anything from early January to late March?
One more thing. The 2414U/S have a 2 year warantee the lower cost 2814U has a one year warantee.