Smoke Dectors Update


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Well the pieces are coming together. I went with

A slew of these smoke detectors:

Martin was able to get the following two items we were discussing earlier:

This is the reversing relay to make all the smokes go off at the same time

This piece recieves the maintenance signal and sends it to the controller so it can be programmed to notify me if cleaning is needed.

I'm going to connect these to an Elk M1G, which should give me 2 wire, synchronized smoke detectors with maintenance notification. I'm working on getting the firewire now but will post my results when I'm finally done.
I'd be interested to hear how well the 2W-MOD2 works. I have the same detectors and need to add in the relay.
A further update: I'm still working on this one. Havent gotten a response from system sensor on expected behavior of the lights on the 2W-MOD2 with an alarm condition. I also suspect there will be a variation of the standard install for the elk, but my issues could be a mistake on my part:

I mentioned earlier about the lights not making sense when in an alarm, and the speaker clicking. I found another issue recently. After adding another detector to the loop I started getting some false alarms. At this point I am suspecting the detector may actually be defective, but I'm running some more tests to refine it further. While my RRS-MOD works great with the 2W-MOD2 (all detectors go into alarm when one goes off), the alarm reset from the elk doesn't seem to shut them off. I unfortunately came home last night to find out that the detectors had went off around noon and my wife came home around 7PM and shut off the system. It seems the detectors were heard by a neighbor and the cops called as well.

Mental note: Test the auto shutoff timer in the future...

I'm going to try and get a response from System sensor on the 2W-MOD2 but I may wind up disconnecting it for now (especially considering the alarm doesnt shut it off). First I'm going to recheck my wiring, but I was very careful in putting this in to the specifications they mentioned. If I do this I go back to using 2-wire smoke (zone 16 on the elk) rather than the 2W-MOD2 as a 4-wire to 2-wire conversion.

Steve > Did you get the RRS-MOD working without the 2W-MOD2?
I am a little confused on what did not shut off, the smoke detector alarm or the M1 alarm.

Default Fire alarm cutoff time on the M1 is to never cutoff. Value of 65535. Program some other time for the fire alarm to cutoff, 600 (10 minutes), 1200 (20 minutes), etc. This is programmed under Cutoff Timers.
I was referring to the detectors. I don't recall on the M1 alarm specifically as when hooked up to 2W-2MOD2 it seemed to effect the M1 alarm (the clicking type noise). I have not been able to get a response from System Sensor on the other items related to what I found on the alarm condition so I hadn't taken this further.

It occurred to me this morning that I might have been off on the auto timeout. For some reason I was thinking something like 5 or 10 minutes, but then later I thought I remembered a larger number (and did not realize/remember that it was actually set to not cutoff). From your comment I can see why it never shut off (my mistake on that one).

I'm going to try and run a few tests to understand what is going on before I simplify this (and I need to follow up with System Sensor which might help) and will document what I find and what I did.