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Smoke Detectors Part IV: Maintenance Signal Module


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I was looking at the 2W-MOD2 unit from System Sensor which seems to let me use my 2-wire smoke detectors, but also loop this unit in to send the maintenance signal information to another zone.


In the PDF for installation instructions, it looks like Page 2, figure 5 is what I would need. If anyone has a moment and can verify I'm looking at this correctly I would greatly appreciate it. In my case, for an Elk and 2-wire smokes, I would not follow the loop style D wiring from what I understand. I would just need to add in the RRS-MOD to that diagram for polarity reversal and I would have everything covered.

If this will work, then I'm going to add one... (why not be notified that maintenance is required...).


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Actually I think this will paste the section in question in to make it easier


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