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Hi all,
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I want to install 4+ 4-wire smokes in my house and woodshop. I'm looking for suggestions on what models to use, and any additional items I may need to get things up and running.
My setup will be a expansion enclosure in my 1800 sq.ft wood shop (In a fairly non-dusty, protected corner in its metal enclosure) and probably running 2 smoke (or heat) sensors to each end of my shop. I try to keep the dust down, but I do have a fairly high air circulation when my 6.5hp dust collector is running (can turn over the air in less than 4 mins). 2 or more smoke detectors will be placed on the 2nd floor, above the shop. Since I don't have many detectors, I was planning on giving them each a zone, but it kinda sounds like there is some complication getting them all to alarm if they are. Any suggestions? I may add a CO detector in the equation too. I'm totally new to low voltage smoke/heat/CO detectors, and not really sure where to begin. Anything I might be missing? 
The easiest thing would be to connect all the smoke detectors to a single zone.  Putting them on separate zones makes things more complicated to get them all to sound together.  When there's a fire, the most important thing to do is get out immediately, not spend time searching for which detector went off.  You can figure that out later, and with a small number of detectors, it isn't going to take very long to walk around and spot which one is indicating the alarm.
I wouldn't put smoke detectors in the wood shop.  Even with a dust collector, it's still a dusty environment and that will cause problems, especially with photoelectric detectors.  Use heat detectors there instead.
A good brand of smoke detectors to consider is System Sensor.  They have a variety of smoke, Smoke/CO and heat detectors to choose from.
Check out this article of fire protection for a wood shop.
If its separate from your house, I would use a separate zone.  Also I would not place heat sensors and smoke sensors on the same zone, but much depends on what equipment you are using. Also, if your wood shop is not heated make sure all detectors are designed for unheated spaces.  If it is heated, then make sure you have the correct separation between the heat source and all flammable things like dust and stains.
I've finally gotten around to working this project again, and would like some suggestions.
I plan on ordering everything in the next week or 3. Here is my current setup:
I have a OP2, and an 17A00 expansion enclosure I'm installing in our 2nd building (main house, attached 2nd building) where all the work for this project will be. If needed I can run things back to the OP2, but I'd prefer to keep things locally on the expansion enclosure.
I have 4 rooms/areas to fire protect:
1st floor Wood Shop ~1200 sq ft, 9ft ceiling
1st floor Garage ~600 sq ft, 10ft ceiling
2nd floor O gauge train/hobby room ~1000 sq ft, 12ft vaulted ceiling, propane stove heater 
2nd floor studio apartment ~800 sq ft, 12ft vaulted ceiling, has not been been occupied in 10+ years, storage room atm.
I'm thinking of getting the following System Sensor devices:
1x COSMO-4W or 2W for the train room, CO for the propane stove heater.
1x  4WTA-B or 2WTA-B for the apartment
1x COSMOD{2|4}W and  EOL relay if I go with 4-wire
4x 5151, 5601P, or 5621 - for the shop and garage. Not sure which, thinking of the dual 135 degree and rate-of-rise detectors, probably single circuit, since I'm not completely sure why I'd need a 2nd circuit.
2x same heat detectors, but 194 degrees for main house attic as an extra safety feature. These will be wired to the OP2
My main questions at this point is what is the pros/cons of using the 2-wire vs 4-wire smokes if I use the COSMOD module? I can't seem to figure out why one would be any better than the other, and the 2-wire looks like it would be cheaper without the EOL relay module...
Has anyone ever used the dual heat detectors that have the rate-of-rise with an OP2 setup, and to an expansion enclosure?
I haven't installed any wiring yet, but plan on running a 4-wire for all these, so using either 2-wire or 4-wire devices doesn't really matter.
I also have 6 zones free and all outputs available on the expansion enclosure for all this. The other 10 zones will be used to hardwire 10 sensors which are currently using HAIs Wireless receiver - decommissioning all wireless sensors on the property.
Any other suggestions? I'm open to other ideas. Was a former home automation installer 15 years ago - but never did any low volt fire stuff. Now a Network Security Engineer. Most of these fire devices are complementing high voltage fire alarms. The wood shop never had one though, and the 2 buildings, though attached, are not linked high voltage fire alarm-wise.
gauntlet said:
My main questions at this point is what is the pros/cons of using the 2-wire vs 4-wire smokes if I use the COSMOD module? I can't seem to figure out why one would be any better than the other, and the 2-wire looks like it would be cheaper without the EOL relay module...
I would go with the 2-wire detectors, just because it is a simpler installation and removes the complexity of the EOL relays.   No matter which you choose, the COSMOD module will present a 4-wire interface the panel.  The COSMOD2W gives you the added advantage of providing a maintenance zone, if you want to make use of that.
Thanks RAL. I was leaning towards that route, but had no real info to back it up. Makes more sense though now. Any prefered online stores to purchase them at? Amazon seems to be hit and miss with security devices and prices lol.
I would stay away from 123 Security.  I ordered three items from them (all said in stock) and after nearly two weeks they finally shipped it.  I get a box with only two items in it.  Out of the two items, one wasn't even the correct part.  Looking at the order form, they had where the order was checked for accuracy.  So much for that check.  All in all, it was a huge waste of time to order from them.
I've had several good experiences with JMAC.  They don't always have the lowest prices, but I'm willing to pay a little more to a seller I feel is trustworthy.
Thanks RAL for the suggestion. I'm placing a order with JMAC right now for the following system sensor stuff:
1x COSMO-2W     for the train room with gas stove heater
1x 2WTA-B            for Studio Apartment, no gas anything
4x 5601P               3x for Shop, 1x for Garage
2x 5602                 for a different project in the main house attic as additional security
1x P2GWL            horn/strobe for shop and garage
Does anyone have any better/cheaper alternatives to the Leviton/HAI relay boards? 19A00-1 8-relay and 10A07-1 4-relay? I'm in the need for a 2 or 4 relay, and may move the siren/strobe to it for the higher voltage/wattage and better strobe-y-ness flashes.
I’ve ordered from JMAC too and agree they’re good. I think their support is decent and they actually know what they’re selling which isn’t the case for all online sellers.

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