SnapStream Media announces Beyond TV 4


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SnapStream Media, Inc., a leader in digital home entertainment products, announced today the launch of Beyond TV 4, a completely new version of its award-winning DVR software that supports DivX, FM Radio, recording of over-the-air (OTA) digital and HDTV content, and a new browse by category feature, as well as numerous stability and performance improvements.

Added HDTV Support
With the broadcast flag being struck down this summer, consumers will continue to be able to capture HDTV content on their DVR PCs. Support for capturing HDTV shows broadcast on digital channels offers Beyond TV 4 users six times the picture quality of standard definition television, along with impressive Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The combined sharper picture and sound now brings the highest quality picture to Beyond TV’s already intuitive and feature-rich DVR experience. Additionally, Beyond TV 4’s electronic program guide creates customized, integrated program lineups for United States users which allow them to scroll through digital and analog channels in one easy-to-use program guide.

DivX Support
Beyond TV 4’s support of DivX allows users to record direct to DivX from software encode cards or ShowSqueeze™ to DivX from any TV tuner card. DivX files, at one-tenth the size of MPEG-2 files, are ideal for saving hard disk space and for transfer to portable media devices.
Browse by Category

Beyond TV 4’s new browse by category feature makes finding movies and sporting events, as well as programs in other categories, quicker and easier than ever. Search categories include movies, drama, comedy, sports, and more.

Improved Multiple Tuner Support
Beyond TV 4 also features multiple tuner support with free additional multiple tuner at no additional cost. This allows users to easily create systems with both analog and digital tuners, or with multiple tuners of either type. Multiple tuner support enables users to record shows on analog and digital channels simultaneously with the appropriate hardware.

FM Radio
Beyond TV 4’s FM Radio support allows users to experience FM radio on their DVR. Users can skip commercials and replay their favorite songs. In addition, integrated presets allow quick access to favorite stations.

Other Improvements
SnapStream Media’s newest Beyond TV release features more than fifty features, stability and performance improvements. These improvements include a faster program guide and search features, a redesigned user interface and support for advanced configurations, among other things. The more than fifty new improvements are described on the company’s website at

“Beyond TV 4 is a major advancement in our DVR technology,†said Rakesh Agrawal, CEO and president of SnapStream Media. “We’re introducing a slew of new capabilities, including support for HDTV and digital TV, DivX and more useful search capabilities – all delivered with the polish and finish that SnapStream is known for. And apart from the big new features, Beyond TV is faster, more stable and easier to use than ever. It’s never been easier for a consumer to convert their PC into a powerful DVR.â€

Beyond TV 4 is available for new users for $69.99. Current users can upgrade for $29.99. SnapStream Media is also offering HDTV bundles that include an HDTV antenna, a coaxial cable, and a compatible HDTV tuner card. These bundles include everything a user needs for setting up an HDTV compatible DVR, and start at $99.99. Beyond TV 4 can be purchased at

About SnapStream Media, Inc.
SnapStream Media, Inc. is a leading developer of digital entertainment products based in Houston, Texas. SnapStream Media's vision is to create high quality consumer entertainment experiences that leverage PC technology. The company's digital video recording (DVR) software, Beyond TVâ„¢ received PC Magazine's Product of the Year Award in December 2004. It was referred to as "an idea whose time has come" by the Associated Press and declared "better than TiVo" by Maximum PC. Interested parties can find more information about SnapStream Media and its products at
I've been using the beta version of this for a few weeks now and really like it.

One big benefit of version 4 over version 3 is that version 4 gives you license to use unlimited tuner cards (version 3 included a 2 tuner license and you had to buy additional tuner licenses).

One big disappointment is STILL NO MULTI-TUNER PIP SUPPORT :huh:
Wow, that's pretty interesting that they changed the licensing arrangement for multiple tuners.
Now you can assign a channel to each surveillance camera input when you have one of the 8 input cards that shows up in the system as 8 separate capture devices.

You could do this with version 3 also, but the tuner licenses made it very cost-prohibitive.