Sneak preview of the Elk M1 touch screen software

I was told it would be very soon, they have been working pretty hard on this, so I assume they are getting it ready for release. I will try to confirm this later.
This is making it VERY difficult to avoid the temptation of upgrading my security controller to an ELK!
Yeah, it looks great, that's for sure, and with all the other stuff the Elk M1 can do, it only makes sense to get one of these ;) I will see if I can take some screenshots of the app on Windows XP, should provide a better view.
This looks really nice. I have been getting closer and closer to moving to Elk and this only helping. I even have an X50v collecting dust!

Any idea how flexible the custom screens are? Are there any plans to implement a WAP or WML interface for phone support?

The DEMO version of the ELKRM Remote Management software for the M1 should be available the first week in November for downloading from the site.

The Demo version allows basic control of all the M1 family of controls.

To make the DEMO version fully functional requires a software key. Details on obtaining a key will be announced soon.

We are and have been working on Insteon for the M1. It has been quite a challenge to overlay the X10 addressing into a scheme that will work with Insteon, but it is close. All that will be required is a software upgrade for the M1XSP serial port expander.

Happily M1ing!!!
It's done by the PDA, the application itself is 640x480, so if you have anything less, it will use those scrollbars.
Well you now have the opportunity to play with this software yourself:
Download ElkRM.exe

If you don't have the Ethernet module, you can still play with it by using the Reflector software they wrote, which allows you to map a serial port to a tcp port.
Download Reflector.exe

Once you have the RM software running, click the M1 logo, so you can configure your settings. I also strongly recommend to put the ElkRM.exe in its own directory since it creates several TXT files.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!