Snow removal script?


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I have lost my snow removal script. Normally, I do not require it this early in the year but for some unknown reason winter has come early to buffalo. Every thing is shut down.

Our data center went black last night after the generator failed but we were able to get it restored by 3:00 am. (god bless those 24/7/365 maint. contracts)

Also, has anybody developed a tree/branch removal script :rolleyes:

Should have know it was the 13th!!

- Mike
Buffalo deserves it, always laughing at CNY when they get early snow :rolleyes: I am glad things changed at the last minute, and we didn't get any snow at all, since I still have to do one more mowing and winterize my lawn.

All kidding aside, hope no one got hurt there, all that wet snow is causing so much damage, it's scary. They have been saying this was going to be a really mild winter for months now, I hope this is not what they had in mind.