Socket 478, socket A, socket T which one to get?


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I want to build on of the small form factor pc's like a shuttle and I haven't built a PC in 4 years. So which MB is best in the small form factor? Which chip set is best. Anyone have any experience with these small form factor pc's? TIA
I don't have any experience with small form factor PC's but it's funny that I see this thread because I'm investigating purchasing a used AMD CPU and mobo combo and was just looking at THIS site which is one of the better ones I found describing the differences in AMD's CPU model and ratings system.

Also, cases and Mobos with the "heat pipe" technology seem kind of neat!
I personally love the Mini-ITX boards. After seeing how well they hold up in car environment, I will definitely be getting more of these in the near future. If you like the shuttle systems, I believe NewEgg sells barebones Shuttle systems (or at least used to). What are you planning on doing with the machine?
NewEgg has many barebone systems and that is what drove me to ask this question. I'm cornfused as to which system and mobo and chipset to go for. I'm planning on using it for my home automation server.
Well, a lot of this comes down to how much money you would like to spend. I don't think you can go wrong with the Shuttle brand as (I believe) they have been doing this micro-atx style the longest.

What do you think of something like THIS? It can take a variety of Socket 462 AMD CPU's, has on board video, LAN, and six channel sound. Also has RAID and can take the SATA drives as well.

This will take a Barton, Sempron, or Athlon CPU. I would probably choose a Barton 3000+, but again, it all depends on the money available.

I never built or owned a micro-atx so you may want to take the above information as a starting point that hopefully others that are more micro-atx experienced can comment on.
Rupp, are you planning on adding any expansion cards? All these choices should limit your options. NewEgg also allows their customers to review their products, so look out for those as well. I usually just get whatever is the best bang for the buck, and is somewhat upgradable.