Socket Rocket type product - feedback requested


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Hey Cocooners-

I have word from our engineering folks that we have a socket rocket type product in the works and they are requesting some feedback from the community at large.

The questions:

1. How would you use it:
a. In a lamp facing up
b. In a can light (kitchen can/recessed) downward facing
c. Downward facing open air environment
d. Outdoors in a flood light

2. Limits
a. what wattage would you use/expect?
b. what type of bulb would you use?

What other things are important in a product such as this? As always, your feedback is appreciated.

For those of you not familiar with a socket rocket here is an image:
1) yes, all of the above. C & D would be the most common for me.

2) 200W minimum for a pair of 65-100 W tungsten or halogen floodlights. But I could also see a use for a model that has a relay suitable for CF bulbs.

Would your product be as big as your picture? I believe that this is the more common Socket Rocket:
One of the most annoying issues back when I used them was the rather large size, making it hard to use in most locations. Another known issue was that they acted as a fuse, and tended to die really fast (I never did find out what the cause was, but I am sure its known).

Thanks for checking what the HA community desires, it will definitely save a lot of headaches.

1: I would use them in all scenarios (never thought of the floodlight idea tho)
2: I never needed more than 100W
I use the updated X10 module that does not need the House/Unit code selectors. I have only found 2 uses in my house.

1. Closet light with a pull string / 60w bulb
2. A living room light that is daisy chained from the ceiling fan/light so when I turn on the ceiling fan/light, this light in the back of the room comes on... It is a Can in the ceiling and I use a 150w bulb in it that I keep dimmed most of the time.

I would be glad to see Insteon have this product, but it is a very low priority compared to Motion Detectors and Remotes =)

I would use in closets where I don't want to hard wire a switch. I also have a fixture with 5 bulbs facing up that uses 5 X-10 units (kind of a wagon wheel fixture). I have also used them with outdoor spotlights but am transitioning away from that.

I would prefer a relay version that will work with CFL bulbs as well as tungsten and leave the dimming to switch based fixtures.
Relay version for use in a lamp outdoor would be great. A relay will tolerate better the heat buildup inside the fixture - and probably you might be able fit it in a smaller package.
That photo is the older larger SL575 X10 Lamp Dimmer Socket Mount Module and is quite large compared to the X10 LM15A that I know of as the Socket Rocket. How big is your module; if made going to be? I use the smaller LM15A Socket Rocket in a few lamps where I can't get to the outlet or it is blocked so a plugin module would not fit.

1 A Lamp Up
2 CFL <29 watts. Same brightness as a 100 watt Incadescent type or lower depending on location.
I agree with electron's statement above. The old design is to long.

Would it be possible to have just a very small socket extension, then have the electronics in an additional external box that can be remoted from that socket or maybe attached to the side of the extension (or even cooler have both options)?

Something like the crude drawing below?


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The smaller the better and a relay version would be good. All mounting positions possible would increase your sales.

Possibly, and I understand this is asking a lot, a version with a small switch to go from a dimmable to a relay version. Basically one unit does it all. Its possible but might be to bulky to be practical.

I get paid to come up with crazy ideas............... and it comes naturally since I am crazy to begin with ;)
I personally rarely use "socket rockets" and occasionally if I do it's for attic lights with pull strings I have about 30 in stock that will last me a few years.

Of course if they were Insteon I'd have to revisit the idea. although at this point I'm pretty dissapointed in Insteon's lack of remotes and product diversity. I am installing a lot of UPB. I hate to think that "socket rockets" have any priority over wireless remotes.

To answer your query...non insteon=No , insteon=YES (maybe), application=Downward facing open environment, 400 watt min (due to a series of fixtures)

Just my opinion

My feeling is that Engineering should be spending their time fixing bugs and getting the reliability of the existing products up to snuff before adding new products.
intelli-home said:
400 watt min (due to a series of fixtures)
please clarify how you would hook up 400W to a socket rocket? If you had that big a load, couldn't/wouldn't you use a regular wall switch?
Thank you for all of the feedback - it is valuable to us and has been noted.

WayneW - that socketrocket is a relay - see response to BLH below

BLH - The reason for posting the picture I did was to illustrate it would be a dimming device (this should have been made clear originally). Module would be smaller than what was pictured.

BSR - where would the electronic box be mounted? In your illustration/application wouldn't you use an In-LineLinc?

Digger - dimmer & relay would be a BULKY product
BSR's method would be useful in case you don't know how to do electrical work or don't have room to install an in-line module.
WayneW said:
intelli-home said:
400 watt min (due to a series of fixtures)
please clarify how you would hook up 400W to a socket rocket? If you had that big a load, couldn't/wouldn't you use a regular wall switch?
oops, wasn't thinking correctly...I was thinking a switch. 100w for a socket rocket would be plenty.