Some Net Remote clarifications?


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Didn't want my leaning post to turn into a catchall, so here some specific questions related to Netremote. The more i use the music interface, the more i like this package... Two general areas i have questions on:

1) Video. Media Bridge definately appears to be audio focused. I know i could use Girder as a passthrough and control the HT receiver, etc... but wondering if there's any way / plans to add robust dvd/video support out of the box as is done with audio? I guess via IR/Serial anything is possible on external hardware, but more interested in taking advantage of Jriver's video support for example?

2) Though music control is my primary focus, as noted in the other thread, i really want integration with the elk (lighting/hvac/automation/sec/sensors). Harleydude, i downloaded a couple of M1 lua scripts which i think may have been yours (the standard one from promixis has only arming)... I'm trying to pick up exactly what it does, but main question is would i be able to send and receive info in realtime if i build my own elk drivers? (i.e. temp setting / therm, zone and output status). What's best way to accomplish this? Assuming Girder -> GC -> Elk Serial? Would you by any chance have time to show some of what you're you're doing with it - i think i saw a post where you indicated you were controlling pretty much everything through the elk / girder?

thx in advance
I have recently moved my Elk component to the new G5 specs, and it is working fine. There are a few things that I still need to implement, have not done them yet due to lack of hardware, ie thermostats. I also have put together some NetRemote screens that show status and allow arming control of the system, light status and control. As it stands now I have status/control of lighting, outputs and arming via NetRemote and the built in Girder web pages. In a couple of weeks I should be ready to release the component to the public.