Some new CQC tutorial videos

Dean Roddey

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I'm working on a set of tutorial and how-to videos for our upcoming 2.0 release. I've only got about 7 done so far, but I figured I'd make them known. These videos are much easier I think for folks to digest than the written tutorial was, so check them out and see if they make sense to you. The coverage is spotty so far, since only a small number are done, but they are:

Tutorial Stuff

These you would want to do in order.


Loading Drivers

Actions Part 1

Triggered Events

How To Stuff

These are more 'spot tutorials' that don't have any particular order, though some will refer to things learned in others.

Media Repository Part 1

Media Repository Part 2

Password Protecting Interfaces
Great video tutorial. I watched the first 4 and they are lot easier to grasp than the written tutorial and also detailed. Thanks Dean. Keep them coming.
Yep. If the webex folks can please watch these before the meeting tomorrow, you'll find that it'll all sink in that much more. I can' only review the super-high-level basics in 60ish minutes, and I'll have to move quickly through topics without going into much depth. These tutorials will help you absorb what you see.
Donkey shame. I'll be doing a good number more over the next few weeks, to get the new tutorial done. I'll keep this thread updated as I go.
haven't looked at these yet, but thanks! I found the online tut a long read and tedious. i am a tech guy too, and a web developer, but it was a little hard to grasp what was going on exactly.

I've got a good number more done now. Instead of just posting the links here, you can just go to the 2.0 beta web site:

Then go to the Learn tab and then select the Tutorial Videos section. They are all there and you can see the whole syllabus outline so that you can see what's done and where the holes are.

* Note that, as of some time Sunday, 2.0 will be released and the above link won't work. It'll have been moved to the official web site location of just: