Some questions on useing Elk moduled for Doorbell


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was looking at this post and others:

I am thinking i elk-124/elk-129

I don't think i need the elk-930 since my plan is to get rid of the current doorbell and the transformer so I can wire the doorbell switch directly into an input for control (with fast response time). Now i will have 8 pairs of speakers connected via impedence matching volume controls. My thinking is that i set the Vc's to an 8x factor, the output of the 124 would be reduced to about <corrected> 1.5 watts per channel if i go straight from the speaker level output of the elk-124....

Option 1
accept the power limitation, use relays on the feeds from my amps to cut off any playing source, wait a sec, play the elk voice via an output and after a few seconds, unmute. curious if that level would be enough to hear it? Is using a DPDT relay for this on speaker level output a good idea? Will ir pop? wil the sudden drop be too abraisive?

Option 2
Feed the output of the elk-124 to an input in my amp (line level). Fire off an IR command via IR serial interface to lower volume, switch inputs - then fire the sound, then switch back to original source and ramp volume back up? Only issue i see is controlling exactly what level to ramp back up to would be the issue) - hopefully i can get a timed output or number of immisions to get it close to the set level...

opinions on either?

thx inadvance

fyi my outdoor VC would generally be muted (unless we're out there) , so doing this by zone is not really a concern....