Some X-10 Bargains at Radio Shack

Here's a secret, RadioShack marks the items its going to discontune by pricing them with .97cents on the price, example $4.97. So if a item is listed with a price ending in .97 get it while you can!
I've gone 2 the 5 shacks in our area and not a single one had any of the sub $3 modules left. They are clearing out the older looking X10 style modules and replacing them with a new looking rounded corners modules. They actually do look better but all of mine are behind things. I can always use lamp and appliance modules during Christmas.
mustangcoupe said:
2 of the RS by me are closing... they had some deals, right now they are like 70 % off on whats left.....
Radio Shack has made some disasterous marketing decisions in recent years... Stop printing catalogs, move away from parts and more into high competition items like cell phones and mp3 players, etc. They deserve to be in a position to have to close stores!
I agree... I spoke with the manager of the one nearest me and he told me that their lease is up next month and if they kept them open they'd have to remodel to the latest RS store style and also sign a 5 year lease... not including those 2 closing I think I still have 6 stores within 15 miles of my house. Do ya think we need that many??? ;)
In my area they are closing almost all of the small satellite stores and just keeping the stores in the large malls open.

"Radio've got questions??...we've got batteries! ";)