Sonoff RF 433Mhz Bridge to MQTT and PIR configuration


Hardware used:
1 - Sonoff RF 433Mhz bridge upgraded with Tasmota firmware / Radio upgraded per Sonoff-RF-Bridge-433 purchased from Amazon
2 - Kerui 433Mhz PIR sensor purchased from Amazon
Tasmota Rules documentation ==> Tasmota Rules
The PIR only sends an on message so wrote a rule (per DigiBlur for an off message). 
I can automate this via Homeseer or Home Assistant if I wanted to.
On message
07:28:44.871 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/PIR/RESULT/RESULT = {"Time":"2021-05-31T07:28:44","RfReceived":{"Sync":9370,"Low":310,"High":930, "Data":13689994,"RfKey":"None"}}
07:28:54.179 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/PIR/RESULT/RESULT = {"Time":"2021-05-31T07:28:54","RfReceived":{"Sync":9260,"Low":320,"High":870, "Data":13689994,"RfKey":"None"}}
Rule enabled:
rule2 on RFReceived#data=13689994 do backlog publish2 Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 ON; ruletimer1 5 endon on rules#timer=1 do publish2 Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 OFF endon

rule2 1
Console view when running rule:07:41:25.926 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 = ON (retained)
07:41:26.179 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/PIR/RESULT/RESULT = {"T1":5,"T2":0,"T3":0,"T4":0,"T5":0,"T6":0,"T7":0,"T8":0}
07:41:31.426 RUL: RULES#TIMER=1 performs "publish2 Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 OFF"
07:41:31.433 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 = OFF (retained)

Currently using automation on a Tasmota ESP01 relay connected to one zone on the OmniPro panel.  Going to change this over to a rule instead of using automation.
New rule on the ESP01 relay connected to an OmniPro 2 zone.  The ESP01 relay and actions depend on the Hikvision Doorbell PIR.
rule2 on POWER1#STATE=1 do backlog publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 ON; ruletimer1 5 endon on rules#timer=1 do publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 OFF endon

rule2 1
Results via console.

Omni/HikVision_PIR/POWER = ON
07:49:07 RUL: POWER1#STATE=1 performs "backlog publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 ON; ruletimer1 5"
07:49:07 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 = ON (retained)
07:49:07 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/RESULT = {"T1":5,"T2":0,"T3":0,"T4":0,"T5":0,"T6":0,"T7":0,"T8":0}
07:49:08 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/RESULT = {"POWER":"OFF"}
07:49:13 RUL: RULES#TIMER=1 performs "publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 OFF"
07:49:13 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 = OFF (retained)
Validated all the above with the MQTT explorer program.