Sonos Audio & ELK


Hi All

I'm currently considering purchasing a Sonus Audio System using the ZP100.

I can't think of a way to connect the ELK M1 (output 1) to the system to automatically switch inputs and play the announcment over the same speakers as the ZP100?

I was thinking about using a Niles automatic speaker switcher?? How can i control the switching without using rules. ie. when in alarm or any annoucment?


I have Sonos. I also run Homeseer which has a plugin that is capable of doing just what you want.
I'm assuming you are running homeseer for all you announcments or
I'm confused on how it all interfaces????

Can you please xpain further??

Just found the plugin on the Homeseer site for the sonus. Still can't see how the announcment can be interfaced with the same speakers.

I don't run homeseer ATM so i'm a bit lost ;)



i've just read the documentation regarding the Sonos Plugin.

The output on the PC running Homeseer is connected to an input on the Sonos Zone Player and configured as indicated in the manual.

I assume Homeseer communicates to the Sonos via the network it's attached too?

How does the M1 interface with homeseer? How do i connect output 1 on the M1 to the same speakers as the Sonos?

The M1 audio output will need to be an input to one of the Sonos Zone players. There is an Elk plugin for Homeseer to interface the Elk and Homeseer. I don't have an Elk system (yet :blink: ), but I understand the 2 interface perfectly together.