Sonos Whole House Audio


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I was interested in the Sonos Wireless audio system and was wondering if anyone here has a Sonos system. Link to there site. Or perhaps if anyone has any feedback on this equipment. From what I've read its supposed to be a great setup. But before a spend, I like to do some investigation. This being such a versatile forum I thought I would ask.

Thanks all.
I looked hard at Sonos before settling on the Slim Devices Squeezebox. I just don't like the idea having the display in the remote control. I like the display on the player so it can be viewed from across the room with just a a glance. I don't want to stop what I am doing to see what is going on with the music players and passing around a handheld display is not very useful at parties. I like the large Squeezebox display and I just incorporate the controls into my universal remote. I still have the browser interface to access the players on a color PC screen for cover art and stuff so the tiny color display on the Sonos remote just doesn't excite me.