Sony DRM


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I'm surprised I haven't seen anything here (I tried searching) about this since it's showing up in a lot of other places.

Sony has an extremely intrusive DRM scheme on new CDs. They are installing an "interesting" piece of software (and hiding it) on your computer if you want to play the CDs or rip them (rip them under their control).

Sysinternals Sony DRM rootkit

This will make you think twice (or never think again) about putting an audio CD in your PC.
Smee, thanks for bringing this up. I read about it yesterday and meant to post it too.

It is just plain wrong on so many levels.
Well, I'm not sure how others feel, but I buy music when I can convert it to MP3 and use it on my computers in the house, on an audiotron, and mp3 players.

Frankly, if they are going to require intrusive software or limit my ability to use it or force me to use their player, I'm going to skip it and spend my money elsewhere. That 'DRM copy protection' on the buy page is a big 'keep looking' sign to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not disrepecting the authors rights, just looking after my own (and my intent is not to distribute them outside of my use either).

I know they are trying to protect their investment, but in doing so, they won't be getting my money (unless things change). On the other hand, this could drive people to satelite radio, less control but more content and high quality without DRM restrictions (granted you listen to what they play).

While I don't know the answer, I suspect there is a middle ground somewhere that addresses both sides needs without restricting the purchasers rights to greatly. If only we could find it...
Thank God that I am a middle age man that feels that all the great music has already been written (j/k)..... hahahaha

Yeah this is getting out of hand. I guess I will just have to listen to my 650 CD's I own...


I really hope this gets a lot of publicity. Did they think through the consequences of this? I'm not sure if it notifies you when installing, but after thinking about this its pretty crazy.

Hi, I'm going to install this nasty piece of software on your machine. Please hit OK now....

Now that I think of it, they would probably be better served by focusing on stopping large scale distribution sites/people/locations than trying to build a perfect mousetrap (which will not happen). How many iterations have we gone through on copy protection: someone comes up with a scheme, someone breaks it. rinse. repeat. Do we really expect this to change? Unbreakable software processes... hmm. Think the goverment believes that there are unbreakable codes?

These companies must spend millions upon millions each year, and how has it benefitted them to date? Any Sony shareholders out there?