Sony ExView?


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Can some people give their opinion of the Sony ExView please? Do I want ExView or some other form of Sony HAD or Super HAD?

For starters, I am looking for a driveway camera, some backyard cameras & a front door (somewhat covert) camera. So color in daytime, probably B/W at night? Wired. There is some ambient street lighting, etc, generally not pitch black. Under $150, closer to $100 would allow me to get more cameras.

The ExView stuff seems to be 380 lines (based upon Would a 420 or 480 line camera with LEDs work better? This is mostly for recording with a PC DVR when motion is detected. The 380 line ExView stuff seems like you would be hurting your daytime clarity in exchange for better night view without LED assistance or floodlights. Has anybody tried an ExView? Is 380 lines "good enough"?

And when a camera says it is a "Day/Night" camera, does that mean anything specific or is that just marketing filler to use when it is NOT a Sony HAD chipset? Don't the Sony HAD's change from color in daytime to B/W at night with IR assist? That sounds like a "Day/Night" camera to me...