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Hello all.
I have set-up my homeautomation/Htpc system composed by:
- 1 server
- Touchscreen
- Homeseer
- Meedio
- CCTV card with 4 camera
- 2 zones for the audio : 1 for the kitchen and another one for the dinner room.

This is where my problem start: 1 have 2 sound cards. The first one is a on the mother board and the second one is a soundblaster live 24.

The main soundcard is currently used for the homeseer message and the soundblaster for the dinner room.

I don't have any available place to add another sound card. I have heard that is possible to separate the "group line" for the soundblaster and to have the opportunity to use some of the output of the card as another line. The card will be used as 2 sound card. To do that we should use a special software to separate these lines.

I tried to find it on the web without succes.

Do you know it ?

Thanks for your answer.

Jerome from Europe.
If I am not mistaken, J. River Media center ( can do this, hopefully someone else can confirm this. Btw, welcome to CocoonTech!
It's exactly what I'm looking for.
I will test it asap and keep you informed about the success (or not) !
If it doesn't work I will buy an USB sound card. By the way, do you know if this kind of hardware can work through an USB Hub ? (I don't have any more free usb plug on my computer)!
for electron.
I used also Jriver and you can set-up some zone but attached to a specific sound card.
Exemple: 2 zones you will need 2 sound card. I have used it with meedio ( through the special plugin (not free).
You may have a look.
I wasn't sure, thanks for the update. That Kx Project looks pretty cool, I will have to play around with it.
I use a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz 5.1 channel sound card and you can split four of the channels into two two-channel zones (acts like two sound cards).

With J rivers you can select zones which are configured within MediaCenter to be certain channels from a given sound card. With MC11beta, you can also synch the channels for same song in different zones. Unfortunately they have not exposed the synch command via their external API so products like MusicLobby can't toggle the Synch function yet.
Does Meedio support using 2 zones at once (with 2 sound cards)? I use MusicMatch Jukebox, and it doesn't, so I'm looking for another option... I think WinAmp will support this setup, but not positive.
I tried updating my sound drivers today... my sound card isn't supported. It's the SoundBlaster Live 24 bit (7.1). Apparently it supports the older cards (5.1)... So it looks like I will have to pick up another sound card...
I confirm. With the soundblaster live 24 it's not possible to use the tools.
It's necessary to add another card. I will look to add an usb sound box.
For meedio you can find on the forums an interesting subject to use Winamp with multi-zone. You should download the winamp plugin on the /maid area.