SoundBridge R1000 vs. Slingbox vs. ?


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I want to replace an old Toshiba laptop currently in the kitchen that is used to access audio CD collected stored in Windows Media Player on a PC in the family room. I have a wired gigabit LAN but no wire going to the kitchen (would be difficult to run a wire). I have a D-Link Air-Plus XtremeG 802.11b/g access point. The laptop has a D-Link 802.11b/g card. The speakers in the kitchen are powered speakers with a subwoofer.
I have been looking at the Roku SoundBridge R1000 as well as the Slingbox. The R1000 is interesting in that it has AM/FM radio. I have read excellent reviews of the Slingbox. My wife has a PC in her studio and uses Media Player 10 and has set up many play lists. It would be nice to have a nice set up in the kitchen. Our kitchen is a country kitchen that is like a kitchen and small dining/family room rolled into one. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
Any suggestions as to what to look at? I saw on an Amazon review that you can download the SlimServer software and try it without having an actual Slingbox.
I really do like the fact that the R1000 has an AM/FM radio although I guess I could put an inexpensive receiver in the kitchen and attach it to a Slingbox.
i think you mean squeezebox? you can download slimserver @

you can dl a software version of the squeezebox to get an idea of the interface:

i have a 2 slimp3s and a squeezebox and they work great. one thing i really like about these players is you can send messages to them to display on their screen. for example, i display caller id info on them (using xPL). one funny thing is that the squeezebox, which is located at our condo but connects to the server @ our house, also displays the incoming call messages from our house :) this is also true of the softsqueeze emulator that i use @ work.
i think you mean squeezebox?
It gets very confusing - the Slingbox from Sling Media and the Squeezebox from Slim Devices. I guess the Slingbox is for viewing TV. So I want to look at the Squeezebox for audio. I am going to download to software to see the interface.