Source of Temp\Light Sensors


Hi all,

I thought that users of the Stargate SG-IP controller might like to know about a reasonably priced source of temperature and light sensors.

It is the same source that Smarthome buys from and they offer dealer pricing for web orders.

The name of the source is Automated Environmental Systems, LLC - home automation sensors and electronics.

Here is the website:

Regards, TCIII
Thanks, TCIII. Nice find. I like the dealer pricing.

The tiny humidity sensor might be useful to me.

Have you tried any of these? And how did they work?

toymaster458 said:
Will these work with the Elk?
I believe they should, but I'm just starting to learn the Elk myself. I did setup a zone as an analog input and I input a variable DC voltage to it. I then looked at the real time "keypad" status and was able to see the correct voltage as I changed it on the input.

A couple of gotchas though.

The Elk analog input is only eight bit and the eight bit span covers zero to 14 volts. So that means you divide 14 volts up into 256 units and that is your resolution.

The problem with using these temp sensors with that kind of analog input is that you will be reading 0.7 volts at room temp. So you will not have a lot of resolution (will be something like four or five degree F resolution, but someone check my math!).