South Florida Cuetips


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I've come up with a few pointers for those of you who come down to South Florida during the winter months and drive on our roads. Scroll down and read about Cuetips, as I call them. Enjoy!

If you have seen other types of Cuetips, let me know!
Just north of the city of Baltimore, MD you'll find our version of Cuetips.

These are really old people and they drive very big cars, mostly older model Cadillacs. They are tiny, less than 5 feet tall, all you see is two wrinkled hands on the steering wheel and a puff of blue-white hair. They drive REALLY SLOooow, and NEVER signal before they turn. Most of them appear to be lost, as they slow down to read ALL the signs along the road.

Driving among the is an adventure you must experence to belive, not for the faint hearted or quick tempered.