Space is now available on the App Store!


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Received a notification yesterday that today 1/23/15 was the last day to receive the 20% discount for Space, but got to the app store and its full price. What's up? Are you not honoring the discount through today as the app store description says?


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Sorry this has been corrected and should take effect shortly. We've also extended the discount to be valid tomorrow as well due to this. Thanks!


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Much appreciated. I liked the Haiku app much better than HAI's version when I first got it. I hope Space will turn out to be even better.


Would have been nice to receive some sort of notification of the discount upgrade as I have been a happy Haiku and HaikuHelper user...totally missed this even though I had been checking back periodically. Really can't see shelling out full price at this point.


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I don't think I've ever encountered an upgrade policy that only spanned two weeks.
I wanted to upgrade as I have been using Haiku for quite a while.
But I received no notification.
Not the best way to keep customers happy.