Spammers Beware


HERE is an interesting article about how AOL sued a spammer and got his Porsche as a settlement in a law suit.

They are now giving that Porsche away in a contest.

Brilliant idea.

Old woman in restaurant: "But I don't like SPAM!"
Does this mean we can seize Steve Case's car for spamming my mailbox with all those AOL CDs? B)
Who the hell is clicking on those e-mail... That guy made 1 million just from sending e-mails. Personally if he can make that kind of loot just be sending e-mail then let the man do it. BTW why should AOL get the car and not the people who he sent millions of e-mail to. AOL isnt the one who had to hit the delete button a thousand times a day.
The people at AOL are such hypocrites. This quote from that article cracks me up:

Mr Boe said the Porsche was seized mainly for its symbolic value, as the obvious fruit of an illegal trade.

Am I the only one out here that cancelled AOL years ago because of all of the excessive spam they allowed???
yeah, AOL used to be pretty bad, they are supposdly working hard on fighting spam now, but not sure what that means considering we still get spammed with AOL discs B)
I just installed AOL "HIGH SPEED" Dialup for a customer...(heheh)

I could not believe that ANYONE would put up with all that bull when you load the thing. and the popups... unbelievable.

....and I tried to tell him.

So now he has a nice fast 2.8Ghz machine, and AOL dialup.....
Now you get to take the "professionalism test". Wait a few weeks until the customer comes back complaining about the crap, then you have to smile and say "Of course I'll remove it", WITHOUT following it up with "I told you so!". ;)
This just keeps on getting better... the customer brought back the machine today... and it was fried.. the HD did not spin, and the CD did not open. MB, memory and CPU were fine... ;)

All I can do is to suspect the PS.

At least the customer left happy. :(

(this was a 1 day old machine)