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Ok, finally connected my elkrp to the main unit. Great stuff.

However, one thing happened. I have wireless door sensors that would say "Zone 33" everytime the door was opened. I changed that to "Front Door Open"...but after the connection nothing is heard on the speaker. When I press say and send i can hear it but when I walk past the sonsor or open the door nothing happens.

Please le tme know what I am doing wrong???

Using RP shouldn't have changed anything. Make sure:
"chime" is checked in the zone config in RP AND that chime is enabled for voice at the keypad (use the "chime" button)
Checked all of the above and it is set to chime. Each zone is and the chime on the keypad is set to voice.

any other reason???
Is zone 33 properly configured and wired? When zone 33 is faulted (ie door open) does it show as being violated in the RP status display and/or does the keypad show a zone violated?
Sorry for not responding earlier. I was out of town on business. I have the zone setup correctly. I tired that with the hardwired PIR. I did not change anything. When I walk past it, the light turns on (on the PIR) like it used to before.

However, all voice is gone.

What could it be.

The LED in the PIR simply indicates that the PIR has power and is working, it doesn't indicate if the wiring or configuration is correct. When the PIR LED is on, does the Elk keypad show the zone as faulted/violated? If it does, then you can focus on the chime issue. If not, then you need to check the wiring and/or the zone config first, before worrying about the chime.