Speaker wire dist. block?


I need some sort of wiring block for terminating my speaker wire. I have 12pair of 14ga speaker wire returning to my wiring room and want to neatly terminate it to something that I can wall mount. From there, I will use jumpers to the end equiptment. So, it will be 1in-1out. I would prefer something with either banana plugs or screw-down terminals. I would rather not resort to the radio-shack term block. It should be beefy enough to deal with the 14ga wire and not be the resistance bottleneck.
I have been searching the web for a solution but have not found anything yet.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?


You may want to consider the Levition field configurable patch panel, essentially a patch panel with blank holes where you snap in quickport modules. You can get various sizes and snap in binding post/banana plug quick ports. You can mount it to the wall with a wall mount bracket.