Speakers Over Coax?

Mark S.

Active Member
For many years, I have been using speaker switchers for my audio system, AB8SS to be exact.  I would like to add a pair of speakers at my shed in my back yard.   I ran cables out there in conduit a few decades ago and I don't believe I can run more.    Specifically, I have 2 un-used runs of RG-6/U that were intended for security cameras, but are no longer used.   Can I use those two RG-6 cables to run left and right speakers?   The distance is around 200 feet from the amplified source in the basement.  How, and what issues could I expect?
I wouldn't.  RG6 presents an impedance of 75 Ohms.  That might be too much of a load on your amp.  Plus the speaker switchers are usually impedance matching and may not handle that well. 
Have you considered using the 2 RG6 cables to pull through a 4 conductor speaker wire?