Special PowerHome pricing.


From now until October 31, CocoonTech users can save $20.00 ($49.95 vs $69.95) on PowerHome (http://www.power-home.com). Just use the link below:


and enter the word 'cocoon' for a password.

Registered users will recieve all upgrades FREE (major, minor, what have you). While this policy may one day change, all registered users BEFORE the policy change will ALWAYS receive free upgrades.

Check out the PowerHome main page for a list of currently supported devices and features.

Insteon is currently being worked upon with UPB to follow next.

Power Home looks interesting. After browsing your forums a bit I see that it supports the WGL-800 RF receiver, but did not see anything on support of other items such as the CADDX, NetCallerID (serial Caller ID device), or the Elk M1 Gold systems.

Are there plans to incorporate items such as these in the future?

Regards and thanks for your very generous offer to Cocooners! :D

Looks like PowerHome supports WSH, so it should be VERY easy to convert the Elk M1 script I wrote for Homeseer to PowerHome. Thanks for offer Dave, I posted it on the front page to get more attention.
PowerHome supports "interrupt-driven"-type serial comms (no polling required), so, writing a macro or script is for Caller ID/serial devices in general is easy. See this thread for the discussion and a few macros.

I assume the CADDX serial comms could be covered in the same way?
I have just recently been contacted by ELK concerning adding an interface for the M1 controller so I would say that support should be coming soon :D.

Support for the NetCaller ID should be accomplished easily using the serial interface but I am planning to add it natively as well.

Also, a plug-in interface is under development which should open the possibility of third party support for devices.

Electron, thanks for the Front Page posting. After I posted the message, I started thinking that that kind of post wasnt allowed so I was a little worried :).

If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask.