sprint sero plan


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i just wanted to give a heads up about the sero plan. my wife & i just signed up for mobile service w/ sprint through their employee referral plan.


depending on which phone you choose, you will either get free unlimited power vision (dsl like speeds - i'm getting about 600kbps on my phone) or free unlimited vision (dial-up speeds). when you choose your phone you'll be able to look at your plan and see whether or not you get free unlimited power vision.

we each chose the treo 700wx (the 700p & ppc6700 do not get free power vision) for $300 (there are $150 and $75 rebates floating around the net).

for $30/mo we got the unlimited power vision, 500 voice minutes, unlimited roaming, unlimited nights & weekends from 7pm to 7am, free mobile to mobile, etc with a 2 year contract. they do have more options for more minutes.

there are threads all over the net, like this http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.ph...278318%E2%80%9D that explain it in more detail. basically, you just need to find a sprint employee email address and you're in ;)

the voice service is as good as i had w/ cingular and the data service is excellent.