Squints how do you like the projector


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How do you like the projector? Now that you have been using it for a while do you have any comments on how you would compare it with a traditional big screen tv? Would you do anything different? Any warnings to those of us who plan on purchasing one in the next few months?
For a first time projector its great. My screen measures 100". On some films i can see the pixels and on other films its perfectly clear. I used the silverscreen paint from behr. So far its working but i can imagine what the differences would be if i had a real screen. It is simply impossible to get the wall perfectly smooth. Because the paint has a slight texture when applied i can see better quality when looking slightly down on the wall on slightly up on the wall. When i look straight on i notice that the colors are not as bright.

If i had the money the first thing i would buy is
1) Better Screen
2) Better Mount
3) Better Projector

Don't get me wrong i am very happy with the image. I have yet to get the A/V receiver and surround sound speakers. So i have not got the full effect of the setup yet. I still have allot to do on the project but my funds ran short when my car insurance crept up on me unsuspectingly. I hope to finish within two months.