Squintz has a New Baby Girl


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Hi guys! I am home and I am a very happy daddy.

My wife went into labor starting with contraction at 15 minutes apart on Saturday night at 9pm. She stuck it out all night and on sunday morning they were 5 minutes apart so we went to the hospitol. They checked her out and told her that eve though she had been having contractions all night and all morning that she was not going to be ready any time soon. We went back home sunday morning and my wifes mother took the kids. So we basically just slept (or tried to sleep) the whole day. On monday morning she was STILL having contraction at 5 minutes apart and she told me she could not take it any more. We went to the hospitol with the intention of having the doctors speed things up by breaking her water. Again they hooked her to a monitor and check to see how far she was along and she was 5 centimeters dialated. The dotors suggested that she go ahead and be admitted to a room and wait it out. So from 9 o'clock saturday night until monday night at 5:10pm she was having contractions. It was one hell of a ride.

But after all that hard work she did it all payed off in the end. We now have our third child. A baby girl name Lillian. She was born at 5:10pm and weighed 8lbs 2 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. I am sorry to report that she does not have her mother big beautiful eyes but some how managed to get my squinty eyes.


P.S. I bet I could really score some WAF points if you guys sent eCards to JennyN56@(ABSOLUTELY_NO_SPAM)yahoo.com Go ahead and fill her box up and let her know it's from the guys at cocoontech.com
Congrats squintz. Heck my wife had our third 1/2 hour after contractions started. Almost didn't make it to the hospital. :D ;)
As the proud father of 2 girls, congrats dude, and prepare to be wrapped around her finger.

Try to wait until she's at least one to start shopping for Jeep's for her.
Welcome to the world Lillian!

Just think, she'll never know a world without home automation ;)

Congrats!!!!! My wife is due with our first in about six weeks! The boy is obviously a future cocooner!
Congratulations! Of course we always congratulate the person who did the least amount of work ;) And now comes the introduction to Land O' Sleep Deprivation...