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Location: Harford, MD
Age: 23

1 USB Z-wave Controller (Not currently used)
1 Elk Z-Wave Controller (Using and working great)
2 Handheld Z-wave Remotes
1 Table Top Intermatic Z-wave controller (Wife Friendly)
4 In-Wall Z-wave Transmitter Switches
2 Wall Module Dimmers (Z-Wave)
5 Z-wave Dimmer Switches
11 Z-wave Relay Switches

Automation and Security
ELK Automation and Alarm Panel
-Z-wave controller (already mentioned)
-Proximity Reader for keypad
-10 proximity key fobs and 1 card
-Motion detectors
-CQC driver to compliment the elk
27 Total Devices

ASUS p4p800-e Motherboard
P4 Processor
ATI all in wonder TV/DVR Graphics Card
2 80gig USB External Hard Disk Drives
1 20gig Internal Hard Disk Drive
Multi Size Compact Flash Card Readers
2 Floppy Drives
1 CD Burner
1 DVD Player with CD Burner
1 DVD Burner with CD Player (External)
1 High Quality Cannon Printer
1 HP all in one Fax/Scan/Printer

Vonage Phone Adapter

CQC (www.charmedquark.com)
BulletProof FTP Server
Apache Web Server

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To be continued...
I am back on the wagon. For those of you who do not know I fell off about a year back when I made the decision to get married. So the wedding took me broke and I had no funds for playing.

So now that I am back on Here is what I have done. I updated my first post to reflect some of the additions. First, I added an Elk alarm system. I actually replaced my old napco alarm and simply reused the existing sensors. So it made the job very easy. About 3 weeks ago I added the Z-wave add-on controller for the Elk which allows me to control all my z-wave devices. It suprisingly works very well. The lights respond almost instantly. Also, about three weeks ago I added the proximity sensor to my keypad which is pretty cool. I whish there was more flexability in the rules for what it can do but thats another thread. Right now it seems it can only arm and disarm the system. I would like to use it for setting the lighting and not arming the system but I have not figured out if that is possible yet.

So thats what I did 3 weeks ago before I actually got married. Now that I have been back for a week I was able to install a wired motion sensor in the laundry room and I wrote some rules to control that light. Hopefully that won't drive my wife insane. I also setup a table top controller in the bedroom because my wife was complaining that I was leaving the hand held controllers in the basement.

Next stop is to put motions in the powder room and basement bathroom. They are rarely used and are very close to the alarm system which should make the install easy. This way I can start playing with what works best before I start adding motions in the living room and master bath.

Oh well, Thats my update. Hope you guys can understand what the heck I was just staying. I have a feeling most of it does not make sense.
I updated my showcase and added my elk, some new z-wave devices and edited the software I am using. I am now using CQC and have been for a while. The elk is a very nice addition to my home. I have started installing motion sensors for controlling the z-wave lighting devices via the elk z-wave addon module. I also have added a table top z-wave controller which I was disapointed to find out that it takes 4 AA batteries and does not operate off of a wall transformer.