Standalone Ocelot Enclosure


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I am going to setup an Ocelot and an SECU-16i in a someone's theater. The plan is to have a box in the equipment cabinet that has some buttons on the front that allow the person to turn the system on/off with a press of the button. The button will be connected to an SECU-16i and an Ocelot. The Ocelot will then execute the commands to power down/up the system.

Do you have any recommendations on an enclosure for this? Ideally, the buttons could be mounted on the front, and the SECU-16i and Ocelot would be enclosed inside the Enclosure. That way the only cords coming out of the box would be power and IR.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I mounted my Ocelot, SECU16, SECU16I, a power strip for the wall worts and a digital Break-out-box in a large plastic (Rubbermaid brand) box, the kind with two locking tabs for easy access. This I bolted to small sofa table which sets behind my AV stack. I added a 120MM fan and some 6 port RG-45 cover plates for I/O.

It looks strange but the table top comes in handy for testing and temp. hookups.